The dashboard

to simplify API/backend development

Use now

What is it?

The dashboard designed as a set of services for developers. It is still a work-in-progress and hacking is never over.

The first service (HTTP Log analyzer) is operational and used by hundreds of developers. Future services are annonced upon availability.

Ease of use

Start using the dashboard is as easy as installing a package with composer


We are LEMP practinioners so we focus on problems that appear in PHP projects, but those are usually common for other tech stacks as well

Free for small projects

The dashboard will be free forever for small projects, if you grow and demand relaxing limitations - paid options will be there for you.


We know that communication is something that takes most of the development time. So we did our best to bring services to help you faster communicate issues with your app

Devs for devs

The system is made by developers for developers. We eat our dog food and each our service is thought through and tested

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